Banquet Dresses

Banquets are program events where groups of people gather over food and drinks for a special occasion. Perhaps the basketball team is hosting a closing ceremony to end the season and will recognize special players, or the gang at the office is celebrating the holidays. Regardless of the event, you can’t go wearing jeans and flip flops. For banquets, the dress is dictated by the formality of the occasion. For these occasions it is appropriate for women to wear long evening banquet dresses. Purchase dresses with sequins, embroidery or rhinestones to match the formal banquet theme. A shorter dress is also appropriate but should cover the knees. Take care that your dress is comfortable to sit in, as that is what you will be doing for the majority of the banquet.

For cocktail banquet dresses; the dresses are similar to semi-formal, cocktail dress is less conservative and more fashion-forward. Cocktail banquets suggest a reason to dress up and have a good time; therefore, women should always wear a cocktail dress. The dress can range from short (just above the knees to long) depending on the preference of the woman. She should wear coordinating accessories and shoes.

Banquet Dresses for Women

Little Mistress High Neck Embellished Waist Dress


Wine & Dine Maxi Dress


Coast Lori Lee Built Up Maxi


Hailey by Adrianna Papell Metallic One Shoulder Sheath Dress


Avoid overdressing, or under-dressing, for a banquet by knowing the correct dress to wear. Banquets vary from formal to casual, depending on the reason for the event. Once you receive your invitation, check the lower right or left corner to see if there is a specified dress code for the banquet. Knowing in advance will help you pick a suitable outfit so you fit in with the rest of the crowd.