Banded Collar Shirts for Men

Millions of men go to office every day in a suit. For them, their choice of clothing can become very boring quickly. With only so many different colors of dress shirts and neckties to choose from, adding a whole new ensemble can really update their look. A banded collar dress shirt changes the appearance of a full suit and it is sharp, modern and stylish that every man can incorporate into his already existing wardrobe. The shirt makes you look and feel great. Whether you are in an important meeting, on vacation, or just enjoying the night life, you need to look good. Banded collar shirts for men can really set you apart from the crowd.

Gucci blue striped banded collar button front shirt

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Banded collar shirts for men comes in several different colors and various sizes. You can buy the shirt in burgundy, white, black, ivory, or hunter green. Sizes range from extra small to 5X large with 7 sizes in between. These options provide plenty of variety so you know you will get a great fitting and fantastic looking shirt. One of the interesting features about this piece of clothing is that the necktie can be left at home without compromising the professional appearance. Banded collars seem perfect with or without a blazer and some men are still picking to wear a sweater over one. In fact, you can even notice a banded shirt collar worn by a male model in a bridal magazine. It is a great modern look for a wedding day. The color really depends on the man’s personal preference. Although many men feel better in a white collar shirt with strips for work hours, there are other colors that are equally appropriate. A light blue shirt looks good with almost all skin tones, as does Gray. Pink, red and Green, shirts are also available in this style. Many men like the looks of a banded pinstripes shirt collar. These look great with black pants or dark gray.

SAINT LAURENT – Black pinstripe contrast-collared shirt

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For a more casual look, this shirt style works very well too. Some men in their lives like the look of a shirt banded collar with a pair of jeans and a blazer overtop. In this case, a black shirt banded collar is incredibly sophisticated when teamed with dark denim and a black belt. After all, banded collar shirts for menis a very nice option. If you are a man who want to feel great and look great at the same time, this shirt is the one for you.