Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom dancing brings to mind formally dressed couples waltzing across polished wood floorboards under the sparkling lights of crystal chandeliers. Ballroom dance requires one to be highly disciplined as well. It is like a beautiful form of art, here the dancers move across the floor, which forms the canvas, and the dancer’s themselves are like an artist’s impression when they showcase their skills with great finesse. A few years back, Ballroom dance was referred to as a kind of social dancing. Today, this form of dance is popular all across the globe and this is widely evident with the number of dance classes and competitions that are mushrooming all over. If you’re training for ballroom dancing, it’s important to have the proper ballroom dance shoes.

The ballroom dance shoes are specially designed to support dancers’ feet and bodies, absorb shock and allow dancers’ feet to move and flex in a manner that is optimal for their style of dance. They are also designed to protect the dance floor and to keep dancers from sliding and skidding. For women, they generally go for a good pair of heels or pumps that beautifully complement their stunning outfits. Women are generally advised to wear closed heels and shoes that strap across the instep. Casual footwear like the sling backs and slip-ons are an absolute no-no. Remember that if you are a beginner and are not used to dancing with pointed heels, you should preferably opt for a low heel. The pumps used for ballroom dance are open along the sides and have a closed toe box. The sandals usually have straps and are open-toed. Usually these dance shoes are made of leather, are very light in weight and have suede soles that ensure the precise slide and grip while moving across the dance floor. Try and pick a pair that gives you the exact combination of comfort and style. Then ballroom dance shoes for men are lightweight and flexible oxfords which have a Cuban heel and suede soles. In case you are looking for different color options, you can go for the classy black, the stylish white or the stunning the two-tone spectator ballroom dance shoes. Make sure the fit is snug, and the shoes match your outfit as well as the dance style your will be performing.

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Also, there’s one thing that you’ll want to think about when choosing your ballroom dance shoes is the toebox. You’ll want to protect your feet while dancing, especially when starting out. That means you’ll want to opt for a closed toe as opposed to a sandal. Make sure the shoes aren’t too pointed so you can experience maximum comfort while dancing. Other considerations are like normal shoes, make sure there isn’t too much room in the back that will cause them to slip. Consider going to an actual shoe store to be fitted instead of depending solely on yourself (or shopping online). Ballroom dancing still remains as the most elegant and classic form of dancing. It divinely expresses emotions, love, joy, passion and pain between two dancers. As the world moves forward, ballroom dancing has literally ‘danced’ its way into a contemporary age where it is just as revered as before.