Baggy Jeans for Men

For some, baggy jeans are about a cut or a style, with a more relaxed fit around the waist and the thigh. For others, baggy jeans are about sizing, with people intentionally choosing jeans one or two sizes larger and then belting them so that they stay on. Baggy jeans can also mean the type of super baggy, saggy jeans that signified an allegiance with hip-hop music and, eventually, street fashion. Men much more commonly wear baggy jeans than women, and these jeans may be either practical or fashionable. Any men’s jeans that are not fitted can be considered baggy, but painter’s jeans and various styles worn slightly too large are most common. Usually, fabric that is somehow distressed is particularly appropriate for baggy jeans because the fabric bunches and bends around the body. Baggy jeans for men were extremely popular in the nineties.

Baggy jeans for men often have much wider legs than women’s versions, leading to a much roomier fit. This can be convenient when doing work that requires bending and stretching. Many men also find this style more comfortable than tight jeans. Baggy styles are very popular for men and have a long history of being considered fashionable. Baggy jeans for men come in many different colors and cuts, and plain denim shades are common. As a man, to wear a a baggy jean, firstly, you must get exact your waist and inseam measurements so that you know which size jeans to buy. You can use a body measuring tape to do it yourself, or ask a salesperson at any denim store to take your measurements. It really doesn’t make sense to buy jeans that are two or more sizes too big just to get that baggy look. All major denim brands offer jeans that fit at the waist, but flare down to maintain that baggy style without exposing your tighty-whities. So, please, don’t buy oversized jeans that hang down all the way to your knees. Hit up Diesel, True Religion, or J Brand boutiques for a stylish pair that won’t fall off your derriere. Then, wear a stylish belt if you absolutely must wear an oversized pair of jeans to get that edgy, street-wise look. Do the law-abiding public a favor and cinch the jeans at the waist so that you’re not running the risk of indecent exposure. Thus, you can still enjoy the trend without the fear of getting arrested. Pair your baggy jeans with trendy sneakers to channel that sleek, urban style. The casual look of baggy jeans would look awkward if worn with classy dress shoes. You can also wear this trend with sandals, especially during the warm summer months.

Complete the look by wearing a t-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, or hoodie on top. Make sure that you maintain the overall casual feel of the entire outfit. Finally, accessorize with a baseball cap or beanie. Done. Baggy jeans for men are very popular and have a long history of being considered fashionable. How you work this look depends on your height and body shape, but jeans with a straight leg suit everyone. Comfortable and easy to wear, they can be worn for different occasions.