Bachelorette Party Dresses

Is your best friend about to be married? It’s time for all the girls to celebrate and party in style. A bride-to-be’s friends plan bachelorette parties with great enthusiasm. Friends use this occasion to celebrate her single status and bid adieu to it, just before her marriage! A bachelorette party is very important for the bride-to-be as it signifies a final farewell from her friends and her single status. When it comes to bachelorette party dresses, for ease; you need to determine a theme first. Because not only will it help you pick an outfit for yourself and the bride, it’ll make planning easier and more fun.

The classic bachelorette party dresses theme is to dress the bride in all white, with a veil, a garter and other fun accessories that make it obvious she’s getting hitched. To make her stand out even more, have the guests dress in head-to-toe black. The contrast will make her impossible to miss, and if anyone asks, you can tell them you’re mourning the death of your friend’s single life.

If your bride-to-be friend enjoys being the glamorous center of attention, dress her in a white boa, brightly colored masquerade mask and anything else with glitz. Try some fishnet tights, satin shorts, a flapper dress and anything else that’s sparkly, shiny or sexy. Make it fun by giving everyone their own boa and getting burlesque dance lessons.

Retro 80’s Theme – It is fun to dress in another time period as the 80’s which can include playing 80’s music, flash-dance style clothing as well as Neon. Some even go to musicals like The Awesome 80’s prom found on our musicals page or play movies like footloose, purple rain, etc. The bachelorette party can rock with flock of seagulls, men without hats, the pointer sisters, and many others.

The Bachelorette Party Dresses

Bachelorette parties are something a woman should remember and look back upon as one of the best moments in her life spent with her dear friends. Use some great ideas and gorgeous bachelorette party dresses to have a memorable and wonderful time with all your friends.