Arch Support Sandals

Everybody wants to look elegant and grab everyone’s attention. And if we walk elegantly, it will make us look even classier. Therefore, it is always important to look as well as walk elegantly. If you want to walk properly, it is always advisable to wear proper sandals. One of the most comfortable footwear is arch support sandal. Arch support sandals are the specially designed sandals which give the arch of your feet much need support so that you don’t feel any pain. The soles are very carefully designed. When you rest your feet in a pair of arch support sandals, it feels as if the sandal is moulding itself into the shape of your ankles and feet. These kinds of footwear have special advantages for both men as well as women. Wearing the arch support sandals makes you feel light as if your have nothing on your feet. If your job requires you to walk the whole day then it is a good idea to get the support sandals. They not only look good but also keep your feet comfortable.

Orthaheel Dr. Weil by Orthaheel Restore II Sandal

Reef Arch


Arch support is basically a physical support for the arches of your feet. Though you can buy arch support insets that can be placed in regular shoes, opting for footwear specially designed with in-built arch support is a smart idea. Orthopedics recommend such arch support sandals for those individuals having a higher arch or flat feet problem. These are good to be used even if you are not having any foot problem. High arch or low arch can often lead to stressed joints, which can be avoided by using footwear having arch support. Today there are various fashionable orthopedic shoes available in the market. Arch support sandals are always better as compared to those ill fitting sandals which can lead to leg injury. Women’s and men’s sandals with arch support are lightweight and help your foot muscles stay relaxed. Apart from the basic structure of arch support footwear, their foot bed and outer sole also makes a huge difference in the comfortable feeling while you put them on. Regular sandals are not really designed considering extreme foot comfort and often lack features like soft foot bed, heel contour, good outer sole, etc. When you go shopping for orthopedic footwear, you are sure to find a huge variety in terms of design, material and colors. While the foot bed and outer sole of arch support sandals remains simple, you can see most of the styling element in the straps of such pieces. Purchasing a sandal that has adjustable straps is a smart idea. Adjustable straps will help you get that right fitting and hence, allow you to walk comfortably. Moreover, these also ensure that your feet do not slip forward while walking. Trendy buckles, studs and other embellishments are popularly seen in women’s orthopedic sandals. Choose one from many colors and different designs. For a casual look, go for bold and flashy colors and pick elegant navy blue, off-white or black pieces for a formal look. Men can opt for brown or blacks that go well with most of the outfits. Straps with polka dots and floral prints make cute ladies footwear for casual outfits. You can opt for slip in sandals or those having elastic or buckle straps around the ankle. Buying a piece from well-known brand is a must as these will only offer you genuine features of orthopedic footwear.

Birkenstock Arizona High Arch (Unisex)

Spenco Yumi


It can be told with ease that once you wear them you are in love with them. So don’t make late if you are really in problem to find a sandal after your heart . This type of arch support sandal is light in weight and cares a lot for your feet. As our feet are one of the most important parts of our body, we need to keep them away from sprain, pain or any other discomfort. You can now enjoy wearing the arch support sandals of your dreams throughout the day whenever you want without any worries. Get ready to move around in style and flaunt that elegant walk.