Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets, also referred to as anklets, can be very alluring and enthralling on a woman. Depending on the individual lady, her attire, makeup and charisma, the bracelet can be viewed as a beautiful piece of jewelry enhancing her appearance or it can also be viewed as an adornment which makes her look tawdry and flamboyant. The ankle bracelet became popular in the United States in the twentieth century. In the 1950s bobby sockers wore the jewelry to enhance their white socks. In the 1970s, women began wearing anklets that featured their name or initials. While they can be worn by men or women, the ankle bracelet continues to be more popular with women. Today, you can purchase any type of ankle bracelet, from a simple hemp strand to a delicate golden filigree rope. Anklets are considered a permanent fixture of American fashion.

There are a range of designs of anklets available, from the delicate and simple chain of gold, to the chunky beaded or woven variety.To wear an ankle bracelet can be just simple to do. Prepare your legs and ankles. Ensure that your lower body is ready for the extra attention that wearing an ankle bracelet is sure to attract. Massage lotion into your skin before fastening on an ankle bracelet. Keeping lotion handy throughout your outing can ensure your ankles don’t appear dry. Keep in mind to avoid letting your ankle bracelet get lost under bulky clothing. Pair your jewelry with shorter pants such as Capri pants, or with sundresses and skirts. Refrain from overshadowing the bracelet with vivid outerwear patterns. Pick shoes according to the bracelet’s features. For example, match thick bracelets with chunky-heeled clogs while matching thin bracelets with stilettos. Wear shoes in either coordinating or contrasting colors. Choose ankle bracelets in a variety of colors and styles, including beaded or woven. Customize ankle bracelets with your initials or by adding charms and tassels.

Ankle bracelets, for short are lightweight and beautiful ornaments for the feet. Many come with tiny charms, which usually variants of a favorite symbol, like cats, hearts, stars and bells the variety is endless. To purchase, you can try to shopping online. It will give you more variety and could lead you to that one unique piece that is perfect. Once you’ve selected an ankle bracelet or two and are considering buying one, ask yourself what items in your closet the ankle bracelet complement. Buying a multifunctional piece of jewelry will save you money by allowing you to pair it with several different outfits instead of just one. You should be able to come up with at least five different outfits that the ankle bracelet will accessorize well. Ankle bracelets for the most part are casual accessories and are best to be worn on an ordinary day to make a bit extra-ordinary or when you are out to have some day fun!