Animal Print Dresses

Wearing animal print dresses can really make a bold statement. In and out of the fashion world for centuries now, animal prints like the most-popular leopard print can be classy and elegant. Popular animal print featuring wild animals includes zebra, leopard, giraffe and tiger print. Each print looks like the skin of the animal it represents. Zebra print consists of white fabric with long, black stripes. Leopard print, perhaps the most popular print, consists of beige fabric with small brown and tan spots. Giraffe print consists of beige fabric with medium-sized, rectangular brown spots and tiger print consists of orange fabric with black spots. Other animal print options include snow leopard, turtle, peacock and lizard.

Animal print dresses become a hot trend lately.For women, these dresses can be the best option when it comes choosing a dress for party.  The key to wear animal print dress is as possible as you can to keep it simple. Wear minimal accessories with animal prints. Because the prints are so busy, accessories fight visually with the pattern. Opt for a simple accessory like a black pair of simple shoes or a simple black belt around a dress. Wear minimal jewelry. Fashion has definitely embarked on a new approach and it has clinched this entrenched link with animal designs and garments. Animal print has not at all and, possibly, will by no means fade away plainly for the reason that it makes us reminisce of the time when we would enclose and embellish our bodies in the warmness and amazement of real exotic pelts.

Animal Print Dresses for Women

Juicy Couture ‘Python’ Print Dress



Carmen Marc Valvo Animal-Print Halter Cocktail Dress



Giambattista Valli Leopard-Print Charmeuse Dress



Darling Leopard Contrast Collar Dress



Motel Leopard Print Dress With Open Mesh Back