Angora Sweaters

Angora sweaters are not made from wool, but from angora rabbit hair. They’re not the hot fashion item they were during the fifties and sixties, but they’re still available in boutiques, online and at a few large department stores. For women, who who love soft and fuzzy clothing can choose these sweaters, angora sweaters for cold season. Sweaters from angora fibers are very warm and perfect for the autumn and winter months. The fiber is actually harvested from the Angora rabbit, which is considered a painless process for the animal.

For the popularity of these angora sweaters, you’ll find that many of 40’s-50’s women wore angora sweaters in pinup fashion. The sweaters were incredibly popular during this time and were worn with pencil skirts and capri pants. Most of the sweaters were short-sleeved and featured rounded or boat necks, and they looked great with a set of classic pearls. The popularity of the sweaters took a downturn at the same time twin sets became less popular. When polyester as a fabric hit the style scene, many younger women turned to the latest easy-care clothing and angora took a backseat to wash-and-wear garments. Angora sweaters are one of those classically styled pieces that every woman should have as a wardrobe staple. Whether you find a vintage angora sweater or you buy one brand new, you’ll enjoy the luxurious feeling of softness and warmth every time you slip it on, and you’ll look and feel like a million dollars.

And how to care? Like the animal it came from, an Angora sweater will shed. Shake out the sweater after each wearing. It also is important to air the sweater out each time you wear it to remove any body moisture or odor. Once the sweater is completely dry, store it in a cedar chest or with cedar chips and wrap it in nonbleached tissue paper. When it is time to have your sweater cleaned, always take it to a reputable dry cleaner who has experience with delicate fabrics. To purchase,  you can probably find a nice selection of Angora sweaters at your favorite brick and mortar store, shopping online is probably your best way of having the widest possible selection from which to choose. Browse the offerings from these merchants, but beware: you may find yourself adding more than one sweater to your wardrobe from these glamorous choices.