Anchor Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. The mummified remains of a tattooed young woman were found in Peru in 2006, proving that the practice has existed for at least 15,000 years. Historically tattoos have tribal significance, denoting rank, seniority or job. In contemporary Western society, tattoos are a form of body decoration, chosen for their appearance, significance or symbolism. Tattoo designs and images are diverse and ever-expanding in number, but there are several styles and themes that have remained popular over time.  And one of the most popular tattoos designs are anchor tattoos. Anchor tattoo designs are also one of the oldest tattoo designs, which were very popular among sailors. It was often seen as a symbol of an experienced sailor. There are a number of anchor tattoo designs, which belong to the old school of tattoos. Although anchor tattoos belong to traditional tattoos, they have gained popularity among the young people as well.

Here’s the anchor tattoo designs ideas;Heartbreak. Heartbreak is an emotion that everyone must experience. A tattoo is a permanent reminder to avoid unhealthy relationships or exercise caution when it comes to love. An anchor tattoo with a splintered or unraveling rope symbolizes a heart that is healing or a heart separated from a past love. Wearing this design on the feet or ankles grounds the wearer and reminds her to stand strong. Then, another anchor tattoos ideas; Home. An anchor immersed in the water or with waves crashing around it promotes a feeling of strength or home. Perfect for a sailor or traveler, this tattoo design reminds the wearer of home. Add details to the anchor that personalize the tattoo, such as a banner with your home city’s area code or name. A heart placed behind the anchor means home is where the heart is, reminding the wearer that no matter how far he travels, he always has a home or port. Another option is to add an outline of the state you are from and attach it to the anchor with a rope.

These were just two ideas of anchor tattoo designs for you. For another ideas you can find it plenty  on internet or you can visit tattoos studio near you. Keep in mind that if you get an anchor tattoo, it will indicate that you are strong, steadfast and you are able to withstand any weather, even the strongest winds, whether they come from the sea or in your personal life. This tattoo design also embodies safety, hope and salvation for most people. This could be reason for its popularity, as people need stability and security in this unstable world.