Accessories for Purple Dresses

Purple is a favorite color for many women. It looks flattering on any complexion, from light skin and blonde hair to dark black skin and hair. The color is feminine and classy. A purple dress is a refreshing change of pace from the little black dress for evening. If you want to get the balanced look then you can wear your dress with some beautiful accessories to draw attention in a positive way. Need some tips? no worry, mentioned below are several tips about the best accessories for a purple dress.

Here’s the tips about the accessories for a purple dress. Think about the color. Choose accessories such as shoes, a belt, purse, hat, shrug, sweater or necklace in complementary colors. For example, orange and yellow are warm colors. Choose purple and another cool color, such as green, contrasted with yellow, a warm color. In this case, a purple dress could be worn with a floral print scarf in greens and yellows, with a solid yellow belt. Another option is to choose accessories in violet, magenta, plum and other variations of purple. For example, choose a lavender chiffon scarf to wrap around the neck of a purple dress. Or contrast your lighter purple dress with darker purple shoes and a purse. Also you can wear your purple dress with plum earrings and a hat and matching plum shoes. Belts and sashes in shades matching the shoes and hat pull the accessories together. And in addition, if you like to wear black color, then you can wear your black shoes, black clutch with purple mini dress for casual occasion.

These were just a few tips about the best accessories for a purple dress. This is simple enough as long as you follow a few key color and fashion rules. Besides accessorizing your purple dress, you also need to thinking the right makeup to completing your look. After all, if everything just done right, of course, you will be the center of attention in your special occasion. Cheers!