8th Grade Dance Dresses

Going to a 8th grade dance and don’t know what to wear? Then you need to figure out about this girls! No worries, because you will find the best 8th grade dance dresses that suit you well.  Just don’t let yourself think hard alone and without asking somebody! ask your parents, friends or browsing at internet. Dig some information about the proper 8th grade dance dresses and check some gorgeous designs. There are many 8th grade dance dresses that available at clothing shop and online stores. Places like Windsor, Macy’s, and JcPenney have good formal dresses. Heels are optional, but do not wear sneakers! You should wear either heels or flats. Sandals are okay but they are a bit casual for a formal.


  1. Find a pretty dress! Don’t show up in a long gown, but dirty sweats are a major faux pas. Try to find a sundress or another semi-formal dress from Kohl’s or whatever.
  2. If you don’t like dresses, you can wear a solid color mini/knee length skirt with a shirt.

And here are some example of 8th grade dance dresses for you. Let’s take a look!



Short or long 8th grade dance dresses, vintage to the modern ones? That’s not big deal. The important thing is, a dress that you will wear can makes feel comfortable, confident and HAPPY! and remember to consider the size, your body shape and don’t forget, add some cute accessorize. Mix-and-match it with your dress, it’ll quite fun! Havin’ Fun Gals! 🙂